Cyrano de Bergerac

Everytime someone reads Cyrano de Bergerac, a new Cyrano de Bergerac is born.

Madrid Book Publishers Association

Cyrano is, first and last, an idealist. He is not, however, a blind idealist. He does not expect tangible rewards for his idealistic behavior. His own comfort never is a motive for action with Cyrano. When Cyrano saves the day for Christian by hiding under the balcony where Roxane stands and whispering words that Christian repeats. Soon, however, Cyrano’s enthusiasm makes this unbearable and he speaks aloud, but Roxane does not know that it is he and not Christian who is speaking

    – Edmond Rostand.

Character Design & Draft.

One of the first step was to develop the character design,
The idea was to bring to life a different versions of Cyrano, As if each reader,
Women, men, adults or children; While reading Cyrano creates with his imagination his own Cyrano.

Cyrano Draft - Lamano Studio Illustration Post Production Cgi Animation Photography

With the layout composition done and characters defined, we start CGI generation. Putting each of the characters and elements in his right position.

Cyrano Sketch - Lamano Studio Illustration Post Production Cgi Animation Photography

Doing some test of lights, focus and starting to add the final look

To finally achieve finishes with a lot of texture and details

At in this way, and adding the text at the end, We get the final artwork.