From House to Prison – India

Prison House CCTV - Lamano Studio - Illustration - Post Production - CGI - Animation - Handcraft - Photography

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From House to Prison

Burglars and thieves are everywhere.
And any place is a suitable place for them to break inside and have their way.
CCTV Cameras almost always help nab them.
We wanted to create a campaign that drove the point home.

In this ad, we see thieves who are about to break into a home.
Little do they know that is is not riches that are awaiting them on the other side, but jail time.
After studying various types of prison from movies and documentaries,
we have tried to recreate actual conditions that prevail in prison in different parts of the world.
These elements have been replicated in graphic detail to bring alive the core idea of this communication.


Acclaimed campaign in Cannes and other festivals

Product: Camera CCTV

Client: Godrej, Security Solutions